Our Story

Welcome to Crayon Street!

We at Crayon Street Preschool, reiterate the belief that kids are a clean slate waiting to be filled with knowledge while preschools are a platform to empower them with this knowledge which is not only confined to academics but stretches beyond in becoming the building blocks for a successful human being who has been able to realize his dreams and strike the right chords of compassion and generosity.

The Crayon Street team with a celebrated history of more than two decades in the domain of learning and development, coupled with an experience of successfully running a renowned preschool franchise of a reputed international brand for a good four years has been able to outperform in every sphere of operations. In its not so long journey of proudly transforming lives of 1000 kids, the team has been regularly adding several laurels to its credentials by being the recipients of both “The best preschool of Pune” followed by “The best preschool of Maharashtra”. The recognition grew leaps and bounds when it was rated amongst “The best Preschools of India” by the illustrious educational journal Digital Learning. The latest feather on the team’s cap was at “The National Quality Excellence Awards 2019” partnered by CNBC TV18 who recognized the team for its unparalleled efforts in providing quality education in early childcare of the highest order.

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All these accolades and recognition are a testimony to the fervent dedication and the concerted efforts the eclectic team of Crayon Street has been toiling hard in their everlasting endeavor to bring a paradigm shift in the domain of Early Child Care education. With experts to cater to the holistic development of every child both physically and mentally, the Crayon Street team adopts the best practices being followed in each domain globally and bridges them to the strong roots of our great Indian culture thus preparing Indians for the global world.


With an inherent commitment to entrance the future Millenials with an impeccable value system which would ignite their minds to strike the much-needed balance between knowledge and its application in acquiring life skills, we at Crayon Street Preschool and Extended Day Care intend to strike a spark in close to 10000 kids till as early as 2022.

With a firm belief that our existing educational framework needs to adapt to the fast-evolving outside world, we at crayon Street aspire to spread our wings to all the major cities by enabling promising individuals who have the fervour and a strong resolve to blow the flames of change in their respective areas while empowering them with the modern practises of early childcare education of international acclaim.


Being connoisseurs of early child care education we at Crayon Street Preschool & Extended Day Care are of the strong belief that our future generation deserves a secure ecosystem to complement their unique abilities and we at Crayon Street Preschool & Daycare aspire to be at the forefront of this change by providing our Little Wonders a strong platform to augment their talent and align their skill sets with the knowledge they are keen to acquire.

As goes the saying ‘’Big things have small beginnings’’, currently with just one model centre, we plan to benchmark the domain of Early Childhood Care Education with path breaking practises and expand organically by replicating the success of our model centres to all the major cities and towns of our country.

To ensure that such unique methods of learning are not confined to a particular section or class of our society, we at Crayon Street Preschool & Extended Day care humbly submit to the cause of spreading the wings of change in the kids belonging to the deprived sections of the society. Crayon Street Preschool & Daycare has resolved to impart benefits of Early Childhood Care Education to the weaker sections of the society by conducting evening classes in the nearby community centres.