Healthy eating habits for kids

When we think of healthy food for kids, what comes immediately to our mind is Habit. Our Habits over a long period of time make us what we are. Most of the kids are picky eaters but some kids are such that they do eat a variety of foods. Proper guiding by parents can help the kids develop a healthy eatinghabit. This habit can be beneficial in a long run.

How can a child learn healthy eating?

To make your child learn healthy eating, involve him in the process of purchasing fresh vegetables and fruits. Do explain your children occasionally about the importance of fresh and healthy foods. At the same time do explain about the disadvantages of processed foods.Mixing vegetables of different colours to prepare various dishes can make an attractive visual. Vegetables like green veggies, yellow and red bell peppers when mixed can make nutritious meal and have attractive look.

Even if your children are young make sure you involve them in the kitchen. Some tasks inside your kitchen may not be possible for your kids, like cutting vegetables, but you can involve them in small tasks like helping sort vegetables that are bought from market. Stirring chutneys or making buttermilk such tasks can inculcate work habits as well. Eventually when the 9 year old grows up he will be able to cook simple healthy recipes.

Sometimes children have this habit of not finishing off things in the plate; make sure you do not yell at them for not doing this. With patience, try to imbibe in them the habit of valuing food and taking only that quantity which they can finish. Eating snacks just before Dinner or Lunch may make them feel full and they may not eat properly during mealtime. As a cautious parent you can make a timetable for the child’s food intake. Also talk to your child regarding this food routine and the importance of the same.

There is an impact of TV commercials on children; the appealing commercials that they see on television create a deep impact on them. It is a good idea to explain it to the children the commercial angle of these advertisements and also the harm the packaged food can have on their growth and body. Some other options can be arranging healthy potluck programmes for the kids in vicinity, This way the kids can atleast be aware that healthy also means good taste and variety.

While doing this one also needs to make sure that all the explaining does not become too much of admonishing on your part. Because sometimes children tend to act directly the same way, they are told not to. The child can try to sneak in and eat sweets or candys without your knowledge .  This may lead to some other issues altogether. Also make sure you follow what you preach. If you ban your daughter from not drinking aerated drinks and yourself have loads in front of them, this will send a wrong message. Let your child follow your footsteps when it comes to food habits , so maintain a healthy habit yourself.