Is Parenting Easy

Well, it is said you should be a parent yourself to know or talk about parenting.

When a child is born, its no just a childbirth, along with it parents are born too. Parenting is a journey, where one forgets about self and devotes one’s life to his or her child. Every moment of your life a parent needs to be aware of her surrounding and her child’s safety. A life which was solitary before becomes busy and full of life.

The decision making process may seem clumsy, or you as a person may be sidelined . These changes in life although seem easy to look at are not that easy to experience. For women in particular the graph of change is more steep. People cease to look at you as a mere person, but attach to you the mother tag many times, which may be difficult to accept many times. Being a mother or parent in general is no doubt a joyous experience, but loss of individuality is not easy to cope up with.

As a parent there are immense responsibilities one has to go through, there is physical as well as psychological development that needs to be monitored. In recent times education has become technology oriented. Also there are other aspects that need to be monitored like the extra curricular activities and sports.

So how does one stay calm and keep going?

1)Develop a support system. Trying to do all things by yourself can be difficult.

2)Be in touch with your child’s teachers, they are the best people to give you feedback regarding your child’s growth at school.

3)The growth of any kid is a sum of efforts from the parents as well as teachers.

4) In all this process do not loose your calm, and do cultivate hobbies and take out the me-time for yourself.

5) Do not compare your parenting method with others. There is nothing absolutely right or wrong when it comes to parenting.

Enroll your child to schools or preschools after giving a good thought. There are schools that focus on laying down the foundation and overall growth of the child. Children get the first taste of being social at preschools. Choose wisely.