What are Fine Motor skills?

Fine motor skills include the use of muscles of hands which are smaller in size, in activities like holding pencils, and toys which require care.

How the task is executed totally depends on how developed the fine motor skill is.Lot of independent skills come together and form the fine motor skills.

What skills do ‘fine motor skills’ include?

  • Skills in Academics
    • Skills which involve Pencil usage(writing, scribbling, drawing, sketching)
    • Skills which require scissors.
  • Play
    • The use of games like Lego, Toy trains and construction related games
    • Dressing of Dolls.
  • Personal tidying activities
    • Dressing up– Tying one’s hair, shoelaces or ties.
    • Eating- Using the cutlery and filling own lunch boxes.
    • Personal hygiene-cutting nails.

Importance of fine motor skills

The everyday tasks that we perform are of utmost importance. To perform the daily academic skills fine motor skills are very important. The self-confidence of a child can suffer if fine motor skills are not polished. The options for playing are restricted. The basic everyday things like feeding self or getting dressed are also restricted. This can have impact on relations with friends and also with family members.

Children with difficulties in fine motor skills have following signs-

  • These children avoid finger skills tasks
  • They try to get into physical activities more rather than go for the fine motor skills
  • Activities like playing with mobiles or watching TV are given importance by these kids.
  • They avoid writing.
  • Being dependent on parents to complete certain tasks.
  • Not facing challenges and giving up easily when it comes to Fine motor skills.
  • Getting dressed from parents rather than doing it themselves.

In order to make kids develop the fine motor skills, following things can be done-

  • Try making the activities fun for the kids
  • Family members can be involved in the activities.
  • Playing games without recording wins or loss.
  • Reduce the use of television or mobiles for children.
  • Jumble different games together so that the kids enjoy it.

Enroll your child in preschools which give equal importance to Fine motor skills and other activities. Crayon Street Preschool in Pimple Saudagar is such a school which lays emphasis on these factors. There are numerous activities that ensure that the kids develop these skills seamlessly. Parents and teachers are in constant touch due to which there is uniformity in the efforts from parents and teachers.