Our Programs

Play Group

Eligibility: 2 yrs – 3 yrs
Duration: June to April
Aim: Smooth transition from home to school
The program aims at giving a comforting environment to the children. Helping children to get accustomed to the new space and establishing class routine. Kids learn life skills in a socially interactive environment. The program fosters social, emotional, creative, language and motor skills.


Eligibility: 3 yrs – 4 yrs
Duration: June to April
Aim: Interaction, exploration & learning
The program aims at self identification, participation  in conversations and following simple instructions.  Children learn counting, number correspondences, recognition and tracing , letters, phonics, relational concepts etc in a friendly engaging learning environment

Prep 1

Eligibility: 4 yrs – 5 yrs
Duration: June to April
Aim: Observing science around us, reading, writing, mathematics
The program aims at exposing the kids to the outdoor environment and find the science around them. Build confidence and communication through phonetics, reading, storytelling, Show N Tell sessions etc. Kids learn the basic concepts of Mathematics and are introduced to other languages too.

Prep 2

Eligibility: 5 yrs – 6 yrs
Duration: June to March
Aim: Ready for formal schooling system
 The program aims to give children the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to become lifelong learners.  Kids learn advance concepts of English, Hindi, Science, Environmental Studies, Mathematics and the world around us. The intention is to prepare the kids for effortless transition to formal school.

Extended Day Care

Eligibility: 2 yrs – 8 yrs
Duration: Round the Year
Aim:  To provide a homely, safe, hygienic and comfortable environment
The program aims at providing caring atmosphere to kids who extend their stay at preschool or join from other formal schools. Kids learn to socialise with other kids in a varied age group and learn to take care of each other. The days are planned with a balance of quiet time activities, small & large group activities with plenty of time for movement and music.

Toddler Care

Eligibility: 8 months– 2 yrs
Duration: Round the year
Aim: To provide motherly care in a nurturing and secure place
The program aims at providing a “home away from home” feeling to these toddlers. They are given the motherly care in a warm and cosy setup. A stimulating environment with songs, poems, creative arts, language enhancement, toilet and feeding routines help in developing a strong foundation.