Ravita Harjai

About Me

Ravita is of the strong opinion that every child is a beautiful butterfly waiting to unfurl its wings and amaze the world with its vibrancy. She believes that only a preschool with its inherent focused methodology could provide a highly structured environment to enable a child to undergo this metamorphosis seamlessly.

Having spent more than  7 years in the field of HR, counselling and teaching in early child care education, Ravita believes that children’s sense of competence and self worth grows as they learn to take care of themselves and help others. An MBA, she is a celebrated phonetic expert and carries a rich experience in enhancing the reading and communication skills of primary and pre-primary kids.

A young mother herself, Ravita is of the view that preschool children are not logical in the adult sense and words. Their explanation to the generic events of life is not derived from any logic but a “magical thinking” which relies on their senses. At a preschool, the teacher as a benefactor needs to catalyse this sense of “magical thinking” to augment their creativity quotient which otherwise gets clogged in the conventional rote learning.

A charming, soft spoken person with affable mannerism, Ravita, an avid dancer herself, has vulcanized learning methodologies in early child hood education by enticing the children to learn the concepts by the use of dramatics.

Ravita, as a Centre Head of Crayon Street Preschool & Extended Day Care is dedicated to hold aloft the strong values of her esteemed institution and measure up to the solemn confidence of the proud parents by shouldering their onerous responsibility, conscientiously, diligently and fearlessly thus working resolutely for an all around development of their kids in a safe and healthy environment.