Sobodh Korde

About Me

A wise man once said, “If u give a man a fish, he eats for a day. If you teach him how to fish, he eats for a lifetime”

With a passion for training and a penchant to empower people with professional skills, Mr. Subodh Korde has a demonstrated history to bridge the gap between knowledge and its application.

A dedicated professional throughout his career spanning 36 years, his leadership skills have brought an inclusive growth in the organisations he has mentored in senior management roles. His immaculate understanding of the people has made him develop teams to harbor and accommodate best practices from all across the globe.

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the reputed  “College of Engineering Pune” (COEP) , Subodh went ahead to hone his professional skills from the University of Oxford, where he acquired knowledge in business analysis and people development.

After a celebrated career spanning close to four decades, Subodh is currently following his heart and his passion to enrich and empower organisations with latest tools of Lean management, Quality management and People Development under the umbrella of his flagship venture Ekam Consultants. An avid sportsman himself, he also undertakes coaching and mentoring of budding sportsman following disciplines across archery and table tennis working in tandem with their physical and mental developments. Subodh is also a renowned numerologist.The testimonies  to his expert mentoring abilities have grown by leaps and bounds. The latest feather on his cap was a feat which very few are fortunate to achieve. One of his students, Harshwardhan Yadav, bagged his first international medal in 25m pistol event at the 14th Asian Shooting Champion held at Doha, Qatar on the 8th of November 2019.Harswardhan, who turned 14 this year, joined the league of very few Indian shooters who have won a silver medal for their county at such a young age

Subodh believes in the concept of Tabula Rasa, that children are born as “clean slates” waiting to be filled with knowledge. The adoption of correct methodology is a boon to unlock their true potential. It is this ability of his to engage with kids at a tender age, he has taken upon him the ardent task of creating breakthrough methodologies to inculcate knowledge with an element of fun.

His role at Crayon Street Preschool & Extended Day Care is multifaceted. From creating and eclectic teaching methodology to up skill teachers and support staff to ensure that the ideation and delivery of knowledge goes hand in hand thus upholding the values and ethics of the foundation Crayon Street Preschool & Extended Day Care is built upon.